450k Illumina Human Methylation data for multiple solid tumors

Table of Contents

This page contains links to epiviz workspaces containing data from the following paper:

W. Timp, H. Corrada Bravo, O.G. McDonald, M. Goggins, C.Umbricht M. Zieger, A.P. Feinberg, R.A. Irizarry (2014). Genome Medicine, in press.

Tissue data

The following workspaces contain probe-level methylation values, collapsed methylation difference between cancer and normal, and cancer blocks in each tissue type.






Blocks in multiple tumors

This workspace contains collapsed methylation difference between cancer and normal along with hypo-methylation blocks for all tumor types.

Multiple tumor blocks

Blocks in tumor progression

These workspaces include collapsed methylation difference and hypo-methylation blocks across multiple stages of tumor progression.

Colon Progression

How to use this data in epiviz

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