New Code Customization Feature for Visualizations

28.10.2014 in features using tags features

Now visualizations' code can be customized in the UI, based on user needs!

To do it, simply click on the Edit code button on any of the available charts: Edit Code Button

Select the method(s) you want to edit. Only the methods corresponding to this particular instance of the chart will be modified. For example, in the MA Plot at, we edited the _drawAxes method by adding the following code at the beginning of the method:

      .attr('class', 'midline')
      .attr('x1', this.margins().left())
      .attr('x2', this.width() - this.margins().right())
      .attr('y1', yScale(0) + this.margins().top())
      .attr('y2', yScale(0) + this.margins().top())
      .style('stroke', '#444444')
      .style('shape-rendering', 'crispEdges');

Edit Code Dialog

This should add a line at y=0, which is a common view for the MA Plot.

Once happy with the changes, click Save and see the changes take effect immediately:

Heatmap Clustering

The changes can be saved in the current workspace!