Epiviz Component Library

The Epiviz Component Library is a reusable and extensible data visualization library and application framework for genomic data. Epiviz Components can be integrated with most JavaScript libraries and frameworks designed for HTML. The component library is modular by design, reusable and natively extensible and therefore simplifies the process of managing and developing bioinformatic applications.

The library provides multiple data visualizations for both location (visualizing data along the genome genes tracks (epiviz-genes-track) or line tracks (epiviz-line-track)) and feature based data (visualizing quantitative measurements like gene expression with scatterplots (epiviz-scatter-plot) and heatmaps (epiviz-heatmap-plot)). A complete list is available in the documentation.

How to use

Load dependencies (add this to html head)

Add Visualiation components to the page

A fancier example

Using data from http://epiviz.cbcb.umd.edu